If I Farmer, Not Journalists?


What’s so special about a journalist, when compared with a farmer?

Both these Professions, has its own features. In addition to being a teacher and a role model, farmers and a journalist can give hope to men.

But, for me, life as a journalist is very heavy. It should, I am not worthy to speak of this problem, because I was still too raw in the world of journalism. Not yet three years old I became a journalist.

But, in a short period of time, I saw, there is very much discrepancy when compared to a farmer. (Although there is a saying: do not match the journalist with farmers, because these two professions can not be compared).

However, in my view, a farmer will be able to be yourself and accept what it is. Without the adventurous!

Conversely, when standing to become a journalist? I like standing between two sides. Good side and bad side!

I realize, all this depends on the personal. However, for me this weak, being a journalist is very heavy.

– Difficult to temptation!
– Difficult to deal with the independence!
– Difficult to maintain the idealism!
– Difficult to face crush (especially economic)!
– Difficult to face the future, especially with the media situation in Aceh which was the more “narrow”!

I was impressed whiny and STUPID! However, this is what I see and feel!
These concerns, often I have heard from some friends journalists. Sense of uncertainly and doubt about the future, sometimes have made them “DARK EYES”. Although heart refused, however, circumstances have forced him to go “play”.

Not only that, sometimes, a journalist friend said: “I do not eat from morning till night, because there is no money”.

Sadly, not a few senior journalists asking similar things. “The money to pay the rent there is no”. “When I get married if the salary is not clear”. “How can I pay for my school”. etc.
I am sure, they are not a human being mushy with the conditions they had to endure. Because, as hard as any faced by life, yet they remain vibrant through its activities as a journalist.
Sometimes I wish in my vision, being a farmer was more comfortable in life.

Is this as bad as the life of a journalist?

Of course not, all depends on the determination and creativity.
However, the real conditions on the ground, still visible and can not be fooled. Although in the eyes of some people, being a journalist is a profession that “HOT”, because many “PLUS-PLUS” her ..

For example, a journalist can be immediately met with great figures, leaders of other countries and so on.

However, when a journalist is in a normal life, all the veil “HOT” in the eyes of people to be annihilated. A journalist should be back to fight. How to eat, how to get married, how can the family and guarantees to finance the future?

All these questions, there is no definitive answer! Although there is a saying: “Life is already regulated by the Above”. This cliche often I hear, but, would I have to stay focused on that statement?

Seeing this condition, I feel sorry for the future of young journalists in Aceh. In the surge of growth in learning to write himself, by following the various training journalism, however, it posted a steep ravine before them is clear.

When they see the lives of journalists in the field, I doubt if they will be able to their own belief, that being a journalist is the main choice and purpose in life!
Where the young journalists will be anchored in the future?

Did anyone care?
Is there a concern?

Although admittedly, it all depends on personal. If you want to thrive and flourish, then study diligently. However, with the condition that “mess” this? is there a guarantee for young journalists this?

Thousands of young journalists was actively studied in various parts of Aceh in particular and Indonesia in general, with all its limitations, with all its shortcomings, with all the lack of facilities, they remain active and the spirit. However, who cares about their future?

I’m afraid, young journalists it had “FALL” because of uncertainty.

Could it be, this uncertainty has dragged some journalists involved in practical politics. Thus, not a few journalists actually make the world as a Springboard to reach a large office, became a regent, for example.

Sadly, not a few besides, the journalist-turned-brokers and to protect officers for a crime only rupiah!

The most tragic, of course, when I see, how a journalist actually involved in crime action.
Why is this happening?

I am sure, we all already know the answer. But hard to give our own solution and the solution.
Finally, could become a farmer becomes final and best choice to continue living!

Who cares!


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