Mouthful of food from garbage pile


Wednesday, December 22, 2009. An old man with white hair, sitting on worn wooden chairs.His eyes kept staring at the middle of sewing sandals damaged while occasionally spreading glue, to tighten the loose sandals. “Sandals, I can now pick up the garbage in the streets,” said the old man, dryly.

Aka Syama’un Pu’ak, so he used the call, was a 85-year-old grandfather. Scavengers are daily work.

Together with his wife, Pu’ak occupied a small hut measuring 5 x 4 meters. Inside, there are two rooms separated by a wooden wall. Front room living room should be filled by different types of objects that do not regularly located. Some bags, shoes and other items used to decorate the room. Rear, kitchen use as well as their bed together.

On the wall of the hut, the clothes hanging on a nail is accidentally plugged. A clock is ticking there firmly attached next to a poster of famous artists. Underneath, a small rocerder tape, remove hum mournful song. According Syamsiah, Pu’ak wife, a tape recorder that is able to accompany the two of them deserted. “” This house is giving the people here, “said Pu’ak, watching the middle diperbaikinya sandals.

Front yard in the Village Campus Ring Road Rukoh Banda Aceh were also seen as being maintained. A basket filled boto-empty liquor bottles, a pile of cardboard arranged in a corner of the courtyard.
“I’ve also come to collect the used goods. Every day we can get money around Rp 15,000. Of the money that we survive. This work was quite tiring, especially if the weather is hot, picking-orek garbage in the sun enough to torture, but this is the risk of our jobs, “said Syamsiah, women aged around 50 years old who was eight months ago to marry Pu’ak.

Syami’un Syamsiah was the second wife after his first wife died in 2004 brought the tsunami ago. For Pu’ak, Syamsiah is a faithful wife. Because, Syamsiah also participated to help her husband collect secondhand goods on the streets.

“After an appendectomy eight months ago, I married her. Because I need someone who can look after and cared for me, “said Pu’ak stitches as he showed the scar on her belly. Since that operation, Pu’ak can not do heavy work anymore. Moreover, age has withered, hard work is no longer possible to do. Being scavengers is the only job she could do.

Because old age is that, Pu’ak can only collect the goods at the former campus of IAIN and disekitaran seputaran village. This was done because Pu’ak tidk able to walk away. “I worked from six o’clock until four o’clock. The result was not how and uncertain, at most 15 kg a day, the price of aqua plastic bottle was Rp.1500 per kg, whereas those cartons former USD 350 per kg. I also occasionally find other items like these sandals, I fix and then I sell, it costs USD $ 5000 a pair could reach. “Clearly.

With the income amount, is very difficult for Pu’ak and his wife save. Current prices of basic needs is beyond the reach both of them. “Luckily we were allowed to stay in this house by the village residents without paying a dime. If you have to pay could-we could not eat because of the money we earn just enough to eat, “said Syamsiah connect Pu’ak greeting.

As mentioned about the child, it turns out, Pu’ak still had a child from his first wife. The children, now in Lhoksemawe and working as door maker. However, anatar father and son relationship, as tlah disconnected. “My child never to send money, even he did not know that his father now is a scavenger, Pu’ak said sadly.
Living in a crush of economics, it does not mean Pu’ak not want the wife happy. It can be seen from a strand of gold, which is attached dileher Syamsiah. As recognition Pu’ak, gold was bought from the proceeds of the sale of used items saved.

“Although I’m a scavenger, I want my wife happy. he’s the only person who still cares and is loyal to accompany me, “said the man unschooled in this educational bench, smiling at his wife.

In addition, Pu’ak also has dreams on this job. He hopes, the price of secondhand goods are gathered up. Not only the price of basic foodstuffs and other necessities of life which is always rising. “At least Rp 3,000 per kg, so my income increases. If the price of used goods go up, I can save for preparation if someday I am not able to work again, “he said with a laugh Pu’ak teeth toothless.

Pu’ak this condition and his wife, turned out to be the attention of some neighbors. One of Nana.Mother of two children who lived not far from home scavengers were admitted concern. Nana often visited the house of Pu’ak to give a little food. He hopes, someday, someone will be kind enough to help Pu’ak. Because, the old married couple, should have enjoyed periods of rest with the Tribes. “Government should also consider the fate Pu’ak and Syamsiah. Are not the laws of Indonesia, the poor and abandoned children reared by the State? “Ask Nana, concerned.

What he said might be true Nana. Government, particularly the Government of Aceh, should be more concerned with the fate of small people like Pu’ak. Moreover, banyakanya fund Local Budget (APBD), Aceh is very high, should be able to be enjoyed by Pu’ak.

However, whatever happens, we must remain grateful for all the blessings we have. We should not give up on her hard living let alone despair, must still fight like syami’un and his wife who lived from garbage that sometimes we deem useless. Life is learning, and learning means to live because of the meaning of life is a life full of meaning.

By: Rini Susanti


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