"Belief That Should Stay There"


By Faisal Naser 

Disputes within the Police Institution in fact unnecessary. Starting from the chaotic Cicak vs Crocodile, where one police frontman, Commissioner-General (Komjen) Susno Duadji, with the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) some time ago. However, this chaotic spread, and make the Supreme Court (MA) to intervene. 

This crocodile vs. Cicak was eventually dragged Seed – Candra. Nevertheless, the police have been working according to the Police Act and use the Book of the Law of Criminal Law (Penal Code). Thus, the detention of a person not because for the KPK discriminate or punish someone.

Many thought that a case that dragged members of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) when it was pointed out as an inappropriate action from the police. Many accusations that states there is “game”, saying even the police action as a business that has been long prepared. This assumption, it is unfounded. Because, for what purposes, the police arrested KPK personnel? 

Through the Seeds and the Chandra case, many parties have planted hatred to the police corps. Moreover, with widespread cases of Susno Duadji. Community views on policing on the wane. Of course the situation is not what we want, moreover, all this happened while the police was taking shape. 

Actually, indirectly, the many problems facing the police today, inevitably, make extra police must work more. Because, not only menangangi simmering internal problem, Police also have to keep carrying out its duties in the field. Various major crime remains to be resolved. 

For example a terrorist problem, until now this issue should also receive intensive treatment. Moreover, after the shootout between police officers in the province of Aceh with a group of terrorists in March 2010, it has to convince police officers that terrorists operating in Indonesia started its invasion to the affected areas.
Not to mention the problems of drugs and other crimes that must be handled seriously. Indirectly, the internal problems in the body of the Police has increased the workload of the Police itself. 

Now, police institutions increasingly target the mass media and society. Especially to the statement issued by Susno Djuadi. 

Admittedly, what was said by Susno Duadji became Homework (PR) is the weight for the Police.
For example, parties from Susno Duadji can do to approach the police. If the problem was caught in the law, then it can be resolved according to law. So, the problem that arises not necessarily at gembar rant out. So that other people know everything. 

Even though with the police. There should be a general who personally approached Susno Duadji and solve this problem internally. Moreover, at Police Headquarters itself certainly no friends of Susno contemporaries, senior and junior. This relationship is of course, are emotionally closer and can provide inputs better.
It was like, do not let our own household noise, other people who saw it will know bobroknya applaud our own homes. 

A general should be able to conduct personal communication in this matter. Because, a general must have a capacity like this. 

Based on work experience, ability to solve problems while serving in the field and long working period, a general already should have the ability to communicate, including in terms of problem solving Susno Duadji.
A general already has the capacity both in terms of problem solving internally. Although there is some public opinion say, what do Susno well intentioned, but just how it is less precise. This should be viewed from various aspects and perspective. 

Police in existing internal rules that must be followed. 

If this can be done by both parties, then the personnel residing in the bottom line will see that the institutions were able to solve a problem with the wise, that some seniors at the center is capable of and increase the confidence of his subordinates throughout Indonesia. 

This is what should be done by both parties. Because, what happens now, it is not fair when viewed in terms of ethics, aesthetics and morals of an institution or organization. 

Problems in isukan Susno broker who actually is not new in Indonesia. Because, the activity was a case a broker or realtor project is often the case everywhere. Not just in the police, other institutions may also occur in the same way. 

In language, the broker is an intermediary. Broker in charge of bridging the interests between the seller and buyer. In practice various forms of work in the field work carried out by way of a broker.
Admittedly, not a few of the brokers who make a profit. Who want to profit from his own at the expense of the interests of one party (such as mark up the price of goods from the seller) and is not responsible for any risks that might occur, until a professional to actually bridge the interests of the parties are connected and accountable. 

Anyone can become a broker. Are subordinates and superiors, often indirectly mediate. However, the problem will arise if the broker is trying to seek personal advantage and disadvantage the other party.
Admittedly, the police are very susceptible to bribes. Why, because of the large number of police personnel in the community plus the condition of low-income personnel, certainly not a strange thing if the problem of bribery is very easy to happen. 

Seeing the condition of the field personnel, with minimal-paced conditions, particularly in terms of welfare, is a description that police officers are human too. The number of police officers there are currently about 400,000 personnel, with 85% of them non-commissioned officer. The number of noncommissioned officers is greater than either the first officer, and middle and high-ranking officers (General). 

Try us out into the field, and look at the conditions of the majority of personnel who do not have a place to live, even to provide for their families they must find another way to dig a hole and vent cap. And not a little into debt at the bank. For example, as much as 65 percent of police personnel in Aceh Police Telematics borrow money in the bank. So it is not surprising if the police are vulnerable to bribes. 

However the general view remains always different. If there is a police case being handled, given a negative outlook. In fact, police now have to reform the bureaucracy and make the acceleration of reform of the bureaucracy on a large scale (especially in the field of law enforcement so that a transparent, credible, accountable, and professional). All of this would have for society and law reform in Indonesia. 

Police asked to work professionally and proportionately. Unfortunately the people themselves are too often not applicable professional and proportionate in view of the police institution. Society must see that this time the police have been working as a professional. Because, police working under the umbrella of law and always to uphold the law in this country Bumi Persada. 

This is justified by one criminologist from the University of Indonesia, Adrianus Meliala, the Police are the most rigorous institutions in taking action against members who violate the rules than any other institution in the country. “No institution of the most courageous act against members regardless of rank other than the Police. Three-star generals prosecuted. There are hundreds of officers are not prosecuted and countless non-commissioned officer who dealt with, “said Adrian. 

And related problems Susno, in order to maintain the professionalism of the Police, the Chief of Police General (Pol) Bambang Hendarso Danuri, akahirnya has proved it by forming an independent team to investigate the allegation of a case a broker practices at Police Headquarters, as expressed by former Police Kabareskrim Komjen Susno Duadji. That team consisted of members of the Police and members of the National Police Commission. 

This independent team itself is a result of the collective agreement between the Task Force, police, and prosecutors, said Kuntoro, Task Force believes the alleged bribery case approximately USD 25 billion will be completed. “With the best and thoroughly,” he said. 

According to task force report, the prosecution admitted there are irregularities in the process of being committed against Susno, while the police claimed there was a mistake, has increased by one person who is considered responsible, in addition to Gaius. 

See any irregularities in the investigation because there was something wrong. However, if done intentionally is a risk that must be borne. 

Once again, it should Susno can see the real conditions of personnel in the field. Was not a problem that can be delivered in a more prudent and not many people have hurt feelings. 

Susno police should be more loving as his house where he grew up. And should again, Susno view and help isntitusinya own, police honor guard, instead of throwing all the problems to the public. 

Problems in the center, indirectly have reduced public confidence in the police, as well as the subordinates in the police that there are huge numbers. 

Even so, with this case emerge, should the people who see can help solve problems, rather than participate heat-Manasi. Like a family, if there is an argument then the neighbors will come instead of trying to help mediate the cloud atmosphere. 

However, people still hope and believe, that the police will be able to solve this problem wisely. That the police will keep a good image. police is not as easily broken glass, and when we akans edih has broken a long and pensive. However, like in the old iron box that remains strong and will not be destroyed even slam.
Actually, the case is not as vibrant as Susno like reality shows. Susno party or parties if the Police responded with a wise and prudent, of course this issue will not drag on like this. 

National Police Chief General (Pol) Bambang Hendarso Danuri myself have tried to give the best for the Indonesian nation. Various problems have been well able to overcome, as well as in the case of this Susno, Chief of Police try to provide the best for the Indonesian nation and preserve the dignity of Police.
Therefore, to minimize problems like this in the future, the police already can create new policies for subordinates, and improving internal control them better. 

especially related to ethics and welfare. Because, well-being greatly affect performance, it is also felt by other institutions outside the Police. Hopefully!


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