Long Night


The sun began to rise, the beads of dew glittering lights doused. This morning, I had to get to school, like the previous days. 

There is no rice or other breakfast on the table. My father only gave me 500 rupiah for breakfast at school.
I must be patient with my condition. At that time, I could only walk a mile, to school every day. Burning hot and shivering in the rain falls from the sky. 

But that’s not what makes me scream. My legs were still able to walk among the blazing sun, my body is still able to withstand rain. 

However, I have lost a mother when I needed it. I was at that time was twelve years old, 1st grade junior high school. But I do not feel the presence and maternal affection. 

My mother was a school principal who were expelled from our children. At that time, in 1989, only to the extent the conflict in Aceh in Aceh Timur, Aceh Utara and Pidie. 

Every at 19:00, we, the citizens in East Aceh inland imposed curfew. There was nothing we could do, besides waiting for morning sleep.

Ah .. 

Why do I always remember my last night with his mother. Wicked night that made my pulse is difficult to stop. My heart was beating hard as if to release the soul from the body. Ill.


I saw my mother, sat among his children our gaze, silence. Only tears and beating of our heart beat.
“Come on, why are you crying. Mother was not okay. Mother is still healthy, “said the mother tried to comfort us. 

No I say! I do not want mom to die! I cried. 

That night, the time seemed a long time, as if reluctant to move goods sedetikpun. I can not wait that night immediately changed the morning, so that mothers can quickly get out of homes and seek refuge in the grandmother’s house in Takengon. 

I slept with my mother, looking at him, pray for him every second breath. Trying to keep it from any possibility that might happen. I do not want my mother to die as those who die by gunfire. 

I do not want my mother to be cast as the bodies are often seen edge of the road. Such as rigid bodies that I saw under the bridge. I do not want to! 

My father, though trying to tough but I know he is frantic. I saw my dad going back and forth along the road in the living room. Occasionally the situation outside the house peering through the window slit.
Me see my mother brooded in a long prostration. Can be clearly heard with a string of prayer between sobs she cried, “Do not separate me with my kids today.” 

The night grew long. Whenever that end. 

Mother called me, so help him to go down under the bed. I helped him and gave him a pillow. By clutching the Koran, my mother a rest under the under the bed. 

I sat up. Shed tears watching the condition of the mother was deathly pale. 

Oh God, why tonight was so slow moving. Until when will the morning will pick up. Do not let me watch the seconds this painful. 

When my mother a little calm in her sleep, I tried to see the condition of my brother and sister. I left my mother while under the bed. 

In the living room, I saw my father’s silent. Transfixed on the chair. No words can I say to comfort him. I hurried to my room where my sisters slept. 

Lilis, Son, heri, the three sisters sat. Without a sound.
Oh God, why so slow night walk … ..

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